GRISETTE-Taste-the-original-460pxGrisette Fruits des Bois (Fruits of the Forest) created.

Grisette is a very ancient type of heritage beer unique to the Hainault province of Belgium. At the end of the 19th century, every tiny brewery in the area was making its own high-fermentation pale ale, casked in wooden barrels. This beer was known as “Grisette”. It was very hoppy, with quite pronounced bitter notes and a gravity that was relatively high for the era (6°). It was produced across an area stretching from Tournai to Charleroi.

Grisette was produced continuously until about 1940. The brand was still used in the 50s, but the beer sold then no longer resembled the original and the traditional variety disappeared.

At Brasserie St-Feuillen, the first Grisette Ambrée dates back to 1919; it was relaunched in 1985, followed by a Blonde variant in 1995 and a Blanche in 1999.

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