1950From 1950 onwards, a wide range of beers were brewed, including a pilsner, Rhodia and of course St-Feuillien.
In 1969, they created St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël, one of the first Christmas beers in Wallonia.

Christmas Beers – a tradition upheld in Belgium
“Christmas beer has always been a winter beer, thicker and maltier, dark and intense in colour, with powerful flavours: a beer to be savoured. It is also a fortifying drink – we might even say it has protective properties, for battling against the winter weather. But for drinkers in days gone by it was also a beer for celebrations – a strong beer, which could rival wine.

Christmas beer was also the brewer’s annual masterpiece, his personal pride and joy. It was supposed to be the best beer of the year, so it had to be a success. At some breweries, the Christmas brew was overseen exclusively by the master brewer.

Another long-standing tradition was for brewersto offer this ‘special beer’ exclusively to their best customers, or perhaps sell it to them for the price of their regular beers. It was a friendly sales gesture to mark the birth of Christ and the coming new year. Before gaining the name Christmas beer, it was simply described as a ‘special’ beer.” (Described by Philippe Voluer)

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