Flatter your gourmet palate, wake up your taste buds


Flatter your gourmet palate, wake up your taste buds – St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël 2017 is now on sale in the best bars, to be enjoyed either bottled or on draught.
The perfect party beer, St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël, one of the leading names in Wallonia, has been delighting connoisseurs and enthusiasts for more than 45 years; it is now an undisputed choice among expert consumers.

Our Master Brewer’s recommendation
This beer has a generous head – compact and firm. Its slightly brown colour is the result of the roasted barley. It has a dark ruby brown colour and a very intense aroma. The aromatic herbs and spices used greatly enhance its delicious smell. This beer is full-bodied with a smoothness that is the result of the synergy of caramelised malts, carefully controlled fermentation and long cold storage.
St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël has a very subtle bitterness that is the dominant flavour in the harmonious ale that strikes a perfect balance between all the different ingredients.

Packaging: bottles of 33 cl – 75 cl – Magnum 1.5 L – barrels 20 L