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Traditional abbey beer

Once a real connoisseur has tasted St-Feuillien he knows right away that it will always be his favourite.

St-Feuillien is a top-fermenting beer brewed with extremely pure water. The spring is located under the brewery itself. Only the very best malts and hops are used: for St-Feuillien Blonde and Triple, we use pale malt, and for St-Feuillien Brune Réserve and Cuvée de Noël, a combination of specially selected malts is used.


Brune Réserve


Cuvée de Noël


Secrets of alchemy…

The malt resulting from the fermentation of the barley is crushed and mixed with water. This is the infusion-brewing method during which the sugars in the malt are extracted. The syrupy juice which is obtained is called the wort. Once filtered, it is brought to boiling point in a boiler. It is during this boiling process that we add to the wort top-quality hops (brewers’ gold) which give the product its characteristic aroma and bitter flavour. The wort is then cooled to a temperature of above 20°C and sprinkled with yeast (principle of top fermentation). It is at this point that the fermentation process begins: the yeast slowly rises to the surface, and the sugar is converted into alcohol. The wort is then finally transformed into beer.
The beer is stored for 6 weeks in a cooling chamber (0°C) to ensure good decantation of the beer and a refined taste. The St-Feuillien beer is then bottled (drawing) and is naturally aged for three weeks in a warm chamber (25°C) to encourage secondary fermentation and saturation in the bottle.
The beer then acquires its sparkle. It is only then that you can savour to the full the taste of malt and the character of the hops, and truly appreciate the know-how of a master brewer.


Sampling: a time-honoured ritual

St-Feuillien is the Abbey beer par excellence. It is a noble product born of its terroir, a beer to be revered.
The bottles must be stored in standing position and protected from sunlight, heat and sudden temperature changes.

How should you serve St-Feuillien?
A real connoisseur will serve St-Feuillien in a special balloon glass that is perfectly clean and dry. He will start by gently pouring the beer while holding the glass straight without letting the neck of the bottle touch the edge of the glass.
A connoisseur will strive to obtain a characteristic creamy and sensual head which releases all the unmistakable aroma of St-Feuillien.
Of course, he will hold the glass by the base to avoid heating the beer ever so slightly and to prevent alteration of the characteristic haziness that forms the body.

At what temperature should St-Feuillien be savoured?
St-Feuillien Blonde or Triple should be served either cool (6°C) or temperate (10-12°C) according to taste.
To savour the aromas at their best, we suggest that you enjoy St-Feuillien Brune Réserve and Cuvée de Noël at an average temperature of 8 to 10°C.


For every party or event, there is a St-Feuillien beer to suit your taste: 25cl, 33cl, 75cl, Magnum 1,5L, Jeroboam 3L, Mathusalem 6L, Salmanazar 9L.


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