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La LEON 1893

Léon 1893 is a blonde top-fermented beer that was carefully crafted by the St-Feuillien Brewery for the delicious Belgian and Brussels cuisine served in the Chez Léon restaurant in Brussels. This is a unique beer, as it is reserved only for patrons of Léon’s restaurant in rue des Bouchers, a street in Belgium’s capital city that has become famous for its gourmet restaurants. Chez Léon serves this beer in a special round beer glass.

The master brewer Jean Pagura, who has forty years of experience in the world of beer and brewing, developed for Léon a quite original, sweet-tasting yet strong Belgian beer. This new product is a delicate blend of pale malts, spring and winter barley and a rare variety of hops from Germany and Central Europe. But it is to the finishing touch, the addition of bittersweet orange peel, that Léon 1893 owes all its richness of character.

Léon 1893 is brewed in the St-Feuillien brewery located in Le Roeulx in the south of Belgium. It has an alcohol content of 6.5%.

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