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At the start of the century, in Hainaut, every small brewery produced a top-fermenting beer which was drawn from wooden barrels.
This traditional beer was the pride of the local breweries and quenched the thirst of the most demanding customers!
At the Friart Brewery, this beer, of which the formula is a carefully kept secret, was called the Grisette.
A few years ago, the St-Feuillien Brewery decided to take up the tradition and now presents four new varieties of Grisette.

Fruits des bois




Fruity beers

Traditional beers


Fruits des Bois and Cerise are fruity beers that are especially light and thirst-quenching. The traditional Grisette Blonde or Blanche is refermented in the bottle and unfiltered. These varieties have all the aroma and savour of top-fermenting beers.
These full-bodied beers, which are remarkably light (from 3.5% to 5% alc. vol.), are available in bottles or draught.

Three distinctive features

  • The quite different steps of fermentation and storage take place in separate specially designed cellars, but each step is essential in forming the character of the beer.
  • With the exception of the fruity varieties, these beers undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. Therefore, they are much richer than their saturated counterparts.
  • In contrast to most special top-fermenting beers, they are light and thirst-quenching.

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