Grand Cru
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A symphony of aromas and flavours

Grand Cru is a speciality beer carefully crafted by Belgium's St Feuillien Brewery. This extra-blond amber nectar masterpiece undergoes refermentation in the bottle, resulting in a beer endowed with unforgettable character. The secret lies in the unique combination of the most noble hops and the finest aromatic ingredients. Grand Cru differs from other beers in the range by its absence of spices. Its full, white head is light and frothy, and when poured it creates a subtle lace effect.
The very pale colour of Grand Cru lends clarity and brilliance to its body.
Grand Cru's delicate nose is a veritable cascade of hoppy aromas with hints of fruitiness coupled with subtlety and sheer richness.
When savoured, the first sip is light and intriguing. The next impression is one of a slight bitterness full of captivating nuances. When it hits the palate, Grand Cru creates a lingering moment of hoppiness, rounded off by an intense yet pleasant bitterness.

Density: 9.5 % alc. vol.
Available in 33 cl bottles.

Gold Award at European Beer Star 2011 in the category of Belgian Style Strong Ale and Europe's Best Belgian Style Strong Pale Beer at World Beer Awards 2012 in London. In 2012, Grand Cru also won the Bronze Medal at the Australian Beer Awards in the category Belgian and French Style Ale and also received the Award of Excellence at the Best Belgian Beers of Wallonia.
In november 2015, Brasserie St-Feuillien was awarded its first Silver medal at the 4th Brussels Beer Challenge for its St-Feuillien Grand Cru in the "Pale & Amber Ale: Strong Blonde/Golden Ale" category.
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